Meet Kevin Kenney

If you are an expectant mother or hopeful parent considering adoption in Kansas City, you likely view adoption as much more than a simple legal process. For you, adoption is also a personal, emotional, and life-changing journey — and you deserve an adoption professional who treats it that way.

For more than 20 years, Kevin Kenney has served hundreds of adoptive families and birth parents on both sides of the state line as a Kansas City adoption attorney. His knowledge and experience with both Kansas and Missouri adoption law has assisted clients pursuing all types of adoption, from infant adoption to stepparent and relative adoption to embryo adoption and surrogacy.

But Kevin is more than just an experienced adoption attorney. In many cases, he is also the kind and calming presence that pregnant mothers and adoptive families need and deserve during the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process. When you choose Kevin Kenney as your Kansas or Missouri adoption attorney, you not only benefit from his legal expertise and attention to detail — you also benefit from the genuine care and friendship he offers to each of his clients.

Contact him today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the services he can offer your family.