Thinking About Adoption

Are You Thinking About Adoption for Your Baby?

Kevin Kenney understands that no woman facing an unplanned pregnancy takes her decision lightly. If you’re unsure of what to do when you are thinking about adoption in Kansas or Missouri, here’s where you can start:

Step One: Think About All of Your Options

The first step is the most difficult. As you’re exploring adoption, abortion and parenting, consider:

Cost — Abortion can often be expensive, and costs may vary depending on your insurance situation, but raising a child is the most expensive option. Adoption is free, and your living expenses, medical expenses and costs associated with your pregnancy can be covered for you.

Emotions — Both abortion and adoption are emotionally difficult choices to make, but raising a child is also emotionally challenging if you’re not ready to become a parent. It’s up to you to learn more about what you might feel in each situation, what you can emotionally handle and how you plan to deal with those feelings when they happen.

Deciding between raising the baby, having an abortion or placing the baby for adoption is likely the most difficult decision that you’ll have to make, but it’s one that is typically made because you want the best for your baby. To receive information about all three of your options, you can contact Kevin Kenney now.

Step Two: Consider Your Future (and Your Baby’s)

Think about the goals that you have for yourself and your vision of your future. How will this pregnancy factor into that vision of your future? Will you be able to achieve those goals if you raise this baby?

Also consider what your baby’s future will be like based on what you choose and what kind of future you want for them. Are you able to provide that future right now, or would an adoptive family who’s eagerly prepared and waited for this baby be better equipped to provide that dream future?

Remember that if you’re thinking about adoption in Kansas or Missouri, you can still remain a part of your baby’s life through open adoption. You’ll be able to experience their future through contact with the adoptive family while still being able to pursue the future that you want for yourself.

Step Three: Ask Questions, Get Answers and Start Planning

You likely have a million questions when you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Kevin for free information — with no obligation to choose adoption.

Kevin can help you to create an adoption plan based on what you want for yourself and for your baby. Every choice is 100 percent yours to make, and no two adoptions look alike. You choose the adoptive parents, the hospital plan and everything in between.

Step Four: Choose Your Baby’s Adoptive Family

If you choose adoption for your baby, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your baby’s ideal adoptive parents, where you picture them growing up, the kind of family you’d like for them to have, the pets they could grow up with, how much contact you’d like to maintain with them (if any) and more.

You can view profiles of potential adoptive families while you’re considering adoption, and you’ll be able to talk or meet with the prospective adoptive parents before the baby is born, if you like. Again — this decision is important, so it’s entirely yours to make.

Considering Adoption and What Comes Next

You’ll also be able to decide what you want your post-adoption experience to look like. Post-placement support and counseling services will be available to help you get on track for the future that you want for yourself.

All the while, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing and seeing that your baby is being raised by adoptive parents who are financially, mentally and emotionally ready to raise them and who will give them boundless love.

If you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, you can learn more about all of your options or start the adoption process by calling Kevin at 913-671-8008 now.