How Attorney Kevin Kenney Can Assist in Either Process

Often, people ask, “Is surrogacy without an agency possible?”

The answer is yes. If you choose to pursue a surrogacy without an agency in Kansas City or anywhere else in the United States, you will be completing an independent surrogacy — and attorney Kevin Kenney is always here to help you.

But, how do you know whether surrogacy without an agency is best for you?

This is a decision that will impact the rest of your surrogacy journey, and it’s important that you’re 100 percent confident in the path that you choose. Independent and agency-assisted surrogacy are two completely different paths with two different sets of responsibilities for the parties involved. Both paths aren’t right for everyone.

Regardless of whether you choose surrogacy with or surrogacy without an agency, you will need a surrogacy attorney. Let Kevin Kenney guide you through your local process. If you have more questions about the legal requirements or you are ready to start your process today, you can schedule a free consultation with Kevin and his associates.

What to Know About Surrogacy Without an Agency

Those who are interested in finding a surrogate without an agency or becoming a surrogate mother without an agency should consider independent surrogacy. Most often, those who complete this kind of surrogacy (otherwise known as “private surrogacy”) may already have a surrogacy partner in mind. Therefore, they don’t need matching services from a surrogacy agency (although they may benefit from other services, listed below).

Those who choose to become an intended parent or surrogate without an agency must be ready for the additional responsibilities of the process. While they will still need to work with a surrogacy attorney and a surrogacy clinic for certain steps, the coordination between these professionals and the hiring of any additional services will be up to them alone. There is a great deal of responsibility involved in independent surrogacy. All parties should be aware of that before moving forward.

Not all people who choose surrogacy without an agency have already identified a surrogacy partner. So, why do they choose to work without a surrogacy agency?

It often comes down to overall cost, whether you are a prospective surrogate or intended parent.

It’s no secret that working with a surrogacy agency can be expensive for intended parents. By comparison, the cost of surrogacy without an agency may be cheaper, as long as it is handled correctly and in a cost-efficient way. This is one of the biggest reasons that intended parents choose to complete independent surrogacies — in an attempt to reduce their overall surrogacy costs. Surrogates who wish to reduce their intended parents’ cost may also choose to become a surrogate without an agency.

Those who pursue independent surrogacy are also those who are comfortable with a higher level of responsibility in their own journey. They must be ready to find their own partner, which means understanding how to find a surrogate without an agency or vice versa. They will be responsible for marketing and advertising to find a surrogacy match, as well as screening to ensure that each party’s surrogacy goals and preferences match up. Once a match is made, those completing a surrogacy without an agency will need to coordinate between their surrogacy attorney and surrogacy clinic to make sure all necessities are taken care of and each party’s expectations are being met.

Attorney Kevin Kenney has worked with many surrogacy clients who pursued independent surrogacy. If you are interested in this path, you can always contact him for more information about what services he provides and which you will be responsible for yourself.

What to Know About Surrogacy With an Agency

On the other hand, those who choose to complete an agency-assisted surrogacy may pay more — but they will also receive professional guidance every step of the way. Often, those who are pursuing surrogacy for the first time choose to work with a surrogacy agency for peace of mind and comfort during this life-changing journey.

Obviously, when you choose this path, you don’t have to worry about finding a surrogate without an agency (or finding intended parents without an agency). These professionals often have pre-screened surrogates waiting to be matched with intended parents, and a surrogacy specialist will mediate conversations and work to ensure the match is in the best interest of both parties. This mediation can be especially helpful during difficult times in the surrogacy journey.

Overall, a surrogacy agency is like a “one-stop shop” for this process. This professional will guide you through every little step of the process, managing your case and letting you focus on the big picture. While the overall cost can be a bit more expensive, many who choose this path believe it is worth it.

Which path you pick will always be entirely up to you. Surrogacy with and surrogacy without an agency in Kansas City are not always right for everyone, which is why proper research is so important. Whether you are considering one path or another, it is often a good idea to speak with a local surrogacy agency to understand better what services are offered and what the pros and cons are of using this professional.

Whether you complete an independent or agency-assisted surrogacy, attorney Kevin Kenney is here to help. Both paths require a surrogacy attorney, and Kevin is happy to work with clients in a surrogacy with or a surrogacy without an agency. No matter what, he will assist you through the legal path ahead of you and protect your rights and interests.

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