Finding a surrogate mother is perhaps one of the most important parts of the surrogacy process in Kansas City. As an intended parent, you want to find a surrogate who you can trust to carry your unborn child and with whom you can develop a genuine relationship during the long and sometimes complicated surrogacy process.

Once you find a surrogate mother, you are ready to start the legal and medical surrogacy process. But, how do you find a surrogate mother that’s perfect for your surrogacy goals and preferences?

While attorney Kevin Kenney can provide all of the legal services you need to complete a surrogacy in Kansas or Missouri, he cannot offer the kind of matching service that full-service surrogacy programs do. But, when you contact him at 913-671-8008, he will connect you with a trusted local surrogacy agency to help you find a surrogate. Once you’re matched, he can then help you start the legal process of your surrogacy.

There are typically two ways that intended parents looking for a surrogate mother can find a match: with an agency or independently.

How to Find a Surrogate in Kansas City with an Agency

Many of the intended parents who work with attorney Kevin Kenney find a surrogate mother with the assistance of a surrogacy agency. For intended parents who have not already identified a surrogate (like a friend or family member), a surrogacy agency can provide all the matching services they need to find a surrogate mother who fits their surrogacy goals.

Attorney Kevin Kenney can always refer intended parents to an appropriate surrogacy agency, like local Kansas City agency American Surrogacy. From there, intended parents will work with a surrogacy professional to create a personal surrogacy plan, which includes their preferences for choosing a surrogate mother and her personal characteristics. Many surrogacy agencies already have pre-screened surrogates available for intended parents to choose from, and their matching professionals will also advertise to find additional surrogacy opportunities that match an intended parent’s preferences.

When you work with an agency, a surrogacy specialist will guide you through how to find a surrogate in Kansas, Missouri or another state who meets your surrogacy preferences.

Often, one of the first things you’ll do is create an intended parent profile, which details who you are and what your family is like to a prospective surrogate. You will also view similar profiles from prospective surrogates looking for intended parents. When you and a surrogate express mutual interest in each other, your surrogacy agency will usually arrange a phone call or in-person meeting for you to get to know each other better. If both parties are ready to move forward after this conversation, the agency professionals and attorney Kevin Kenney can legalize the match with a surrogacy contract.

Those looking for a surrogate mother in Kansas or Missouri may initially be wary of the additional costs associated with finding a surrogate mother through an agency, but there are many benefits to working with an experienced surrogacy agency for this step:

  • Pre-screened surrogates who are ready to start the surrogacy process once a match is made
  • Larger advertising reach to find more surrogacy opportunities
  • Matching services that focus on each party’s surrogacy goals and preferences to find the perfect match
  • Contact mediation by a trained surrogacy specialist
  • Case management and professional support throughout the surrogacy journey

Many people looking for a surrogate mother decide that a surrogacy agency is the right professional to help them find the perfect match for a safe and successful surrogacy journey. For more information on how a surrogacy agency can help you find a surrogate who meets your goals, contact a local professional like American Surrogacy.

How to Find a Surrogate Without an Agency

Some intended parents looking for a surrogate mother instead choose to complete an independent surrogacy, where they find a surrogate without the help of professionals.

Oftentimes, those who find a surrogate on their own have already identified a friend or family member willing to be their surrogate. Intended parents in this situation may only need a surrogacy attorney and fertility clinic to complete the rest of their surrogacy process, although a surrogacy agency can still offer advantages to intended parents completing an identified surrogacy.

Those finding a surrogate mother on their own will need to take on certain responsibilities to find the right match. Many intended parents completing an independent surrogacy turn to online resources for finding and choosing a surrogate mother. For example, there are many social media groups and websites that exist to match prospective surrogates and intended parents with each other.

While looking for a surrogate mother in this manner can potentially reduce the costs of a surrogacy, it also carries certain risks. Because prospective surrogates looking for intended parents online likely have not been screened by a surrogacy professional, intended parents may find a surrogate who does not meet necessary requirements or who will delay their surrogacy journey by needing to be screened before moving forward. There is also the chance that finding a surrogate mother independently will take longer than it would through an agency, and the prospective surrogates available online may not always meet intended parents’ preferences.

If intended parents decide on finding a gestational carrier independently and are successful, they can contact attorney Kevin Kenney to solidify their surrogacy match with a legal contract.

Start Finding a Surrogate Mother Today

If you’re wondering how to find a surrogate in Kansas or Missouri, the first step is deciding whether to work with a surrogacy agency’s matching services or to pursue this process independently. Whichever path you chose, attorney Kevin Kenney can help you complete the legal processes necessary for your Kansas City surrogacy and, if desired, provide references to local agencies that can assist you in finding a surrogate mother.

To learn more about our firm’s legal services, please call our offices at 913-671-8008.