Sometimes, when intended parents are considering surrogacy, they know they will need to find an egg donor or find a sperm donor in Kansas City to make their parenthood dreams come true. Perhaps they are single intended parents, LGBT couples, or even heterosexual couples that cannot create a healthy embryo for transfer with their own gametes.

If this is the situation you are in, know that you can find a sperm donor or find an egg donor in Kansas City and safely complete your surrogacy journey. While there are a few additional legal considerations for using sperm and egg donation for surrogacy, attorney Kevin Kenney will be there to guide you through them.

Kevin has represented many intended parents requiring the use of a donor gamete in their surrogacy, and he can provide the same quality guidance for you, too. He will explain exactly which surrogacy laws will apply to your use of a donor gamete, as well as provide suggestions for how to find a sperm donor or egg donor in Kansas City that meets your preferences. Whether you choose to work with an anonymous or identified gamete donor, Kevin will make sure the proper legal steps have been taken.

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What are the Laws on Gamete Donation?

If you have to pursue surrogacy with a donor egg or sperm, you may worry about the rights of the gamete donor. Fortunately, both Kansas and Missouri state statutes ensure protections for the parents who use donor gametes.

Kansas state laws expressly state that artificial insemination is allowed and “any child or children… born as a result of the heterologous artificial insemination shall be considered at law in all respects the same as a naturally conceived child of the husband and wife.”  This means that sperm donors do not have parental rights under Kansas laws, and there is legal precedent for intended parents being legally recognized as parents to their child once he or she is born.

Missouri law states much the same, that if a wife is artificially inseminated with donated sperm, “the husband is treated in law as if he were the natural father of the child thereby conceived.” It emphasizes this, saying, “The donor of semen… is treated in law as if he were not the natural father of the child thereby conceived.”

Clearly, these laws apply to artificial insemination. But, how do they apply to cases in which artificial insemination is being used in embryo creation and eventual transfer to a surrogate’s uterus?

How Using a Donor Gamete Affects Your Parental Rights

Establishing parentage in a surrogate pregnancy can be complicated, whether or not the intended parents are using a donor gamete. That’s why you need the assistance of an experienced surrogacy attorney like Kevin Kenney, who can evaluate your situation and determine what the best legal path is moving forward.

Are you considering surrogacy with a donor egg or sperm in Missouri? Know that state laws do not allow pre-birth orders, regardless of genetic connection. You will need to obtain a post-birth order after your baby is delivered, and any non-genetically related parent may need to complete an adoption to establish their parental rights. For example, in a surrogacy with a donor egg in Missouri, the intended mother will need to complete a stepparent adoption because she has no genetic connection to her child. The same rules apply to an intended father in a same-sex surrogacy.

What about those who are considering surrogacy with a donor egg or sperm in Kansas? The laws are slightly different here, as pre-birth orders are allowed but not always issued. Like in many other states, the availability of these orders will depend upon the judge overseeing the case. Otherwise, parents will need to complete the same post-birth parentage order request or adoption proceeding to establish their parental rights.

Attorney Kevin Kenney knows this process can be complicated. However, when you work with him, he will evaluate your situation and ensure the proper steps are taken to protect your rights to your child after her or she is born.

What if You Have Identified a Donor Already?

Most intended parents who wish to find an egg donor or find a sperm donor for their surrogacy go through a fertility clinic or gamete bank. However, some intended parents have a donor in mind — usually a relative, in order to give the non-genetically related intended parent some kind of genetic connection to the child.

If you are working directly with a gamete donor, extra legal steps — those usually handled by the gamete bank — will be necessary. These are often addressed in a donor contract, which includes important steps like terms of gamete donation (such as post-birth contact), payment, termination of parental rights and more. To avoid potential complications that could arise before and after birth, you will need to work with a surrogacy attorney.

If needed, attorney Kevin Kenney can help you draft a donor contract for your surrogacy with donor egg or sperm in Kansas City.

Find an Egg or Sperm Donor in Kansas City Today

If you do not have an identified donor, you may be asking: How do I find an egg donor for my surrogacy? Where can I find a sperm donor?

Fortunately, there are many professionals across the Midwest and the whole U.S. that can help. If you require a gamete donation for your surrogacy, you can contact some of these professionals:

When you work with a gamete bank, professionals will guide you through every step of how to find an egg donor and how to find a sperm donor. You will be able to choose donor characteristics by height, hair color, eye color, medical background, personal background and more. As mentioned, these gamete banks often take care of terminating parental rights upon donation — but you should still work with an experienced local surrogacy attorney to ensure the proper steps have been handled for establishing your parental rights after birth.

Sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy don’t have to be incredibly difficult situations. With the proper preparation and legal guidance, it can be another safe and successful step to making your surrogacy dreams come true. For more information about using a sperm or egg donor in Kansas City, or about the surrogacy process in general, please contact attorney Kevin Kenney today.