Many times, those considering surrogacy as a way to build their family have one big question: How much does surrogacy cost?

It’s a natural question to ask, especially when so many intended parents have already spent thousands of dollars on previous infertility treatments. They may be at a crossroads in their family-building journey, trying to decide between pursuing assisted reproduction or an adoption process, and the cost of surrogacy will likely play a huge role in which path they take.

While there is an average cost of surrogacy in Kansas City, your actual cost of surrogacy will always depend upon your personal situation, including your surrogacy preferences and goals. The best way to understand your estimated surrogacy price is by speaking with a surrogacy professional.

When you contact attorney Kevin Kenney, he can provide a surrogacy cost breakdown of your legal expenses. This way, you can understand exactly what necessary services you’ll receive and what you can expect to pay for them. He can also explain the difference in cost between an independent and agency-assisted surrogacy and, if you wish, can provide you references to other local professionals for more estimated costs of surrogacy for other required services.

To learn more about the legal price of surrogacy, please contact attorney Kevin Kenney today. Below, you’ll find some average surrogacy costs that every intended parent should prepare for.

Legal Expenses

Whether you want to learn more about gestational surrogacy cost or traditional surrogacy cost in Kansas City, know that you will need to pay for legal services either way. Every surrogacy journey requires the assistance of an experienced surrogacy attorney. Only by working with one can every party protect their rights and interests.

If you choose to pursue surrogacy, you will need to work with a lawyer for these steps:

A surrogacy lawyer will also provide legal guidance throughout your surrogacy journey.

Some surrogacy situations require more legal work than others, which is why you need to contact attorney Kevin Kenney to find out the legal surrogacy expenses you can expect in your family-building journey. For example, the costs of traditional surrogacy in Kansas City may be more expensive than gestational surrogacy, due to the genetic relationship between surrogate and baby.

Call Kevin at 913-671-8008 to learn more about the average legal costs of surrogacy with his firm.

Surrogate Compensation

Intended parents who complete a compensated surrogacy in Kansas City will be required to pay a base compensation to their surrogate. This is often one of the biggest surrogacy costs in a family’s journey.

Surrogate compensation varies based on the professional being used, the surrogate’s experience and the surrogacy situation. Compensation can average around $25,000 for Kansas and Missouri surrogates.

Compensation can be a tricky subject to discuss, which is another reason intended parents need to work with a surrogacy lawyer. Attorney Kevin Kenney can negotiate the discussion of surrogate compensation while drafting the contract and help ensure the proper escrow services are set up to manage these payments.

Medical Costs

As an intended parent, you will be responsible for the medical costs of your surrogate. This will include medical screening, the embryo transfer process, prenatal care and the delivery. These surrogacy costs are an important consideration for anyone adding to their family in this way.

When you find a surrogate, you will need to determine what kind of surrogate pregnancy coverage her insurance includes. Every policy is different. If she has no coverage through her personal health insurance, you may need to purchase an additional policy for the length of her pregnancy.

Again, this should all be discussed and addressed in the surrogacy legal contract.

Agency Fees

There are many other miscellaneous surrogacy costs — matching fees to find a surrogate; counseling, screening and support expenses; case management services; and more. Those completing an independent surrogacy will typically need to purchase these services a la carte, but those who choose to work with a surrogacy agency will often be provided these services and more under a flat agency rate.

Before you choose to work with a surrogacy agency, make sure you are provided a surrogacy cost breakdown of their services. That way, you can understand exactly what you are paying for and what (if any) extra services you will have to pay for out of your own pocket.

Is working with a surrogacy agency worth the extra money it may cost? It depends on your personal preferences.

If you are looking for a surrogate, a surrogacy or matching agency may provide the most cost-effective way of doing so. In order to find a surrogate on your own, you will need to employ marketing and advertising techniques to locate potential surrogates, who you will then need to screen for eligibility and to make sure they meet your surrogacy preferences. A surrogacy agency often has pre-screened, available surrogates waiting for intended parents, and working with this kind of professional to find your surrogate may also be more time-efficient.  A surrogacy agency also offers the benefits of case management and support services — additional surrogacy costs for anyone completing an independent surrogacy.

Intended parents never have to work with a surrogacy agency if they wish not to, but these professionals are an important consideration in estimating your total cost of surrogacy in Kansas City.

Discover Your Total Price of Surrogacy in Kansas City

Before you can find out what your total cost of surrogacy will be, you will need to speak with several local surrogacy professionals to compare estimates. These estimates will always be based upon your personal surrogacy situation.

To learn more about what you can expect from your legal surrogacy costs in Kansas City, don’t hesitate to contact attorney Kevin Kenney and his legal team. He is here to answer your questions, refer you to other local surrogacy professionals and help you get started, whenever you’re ready.