Considering surrogacy in Kansas City? Attorney Kevin Kenney can help.

Whether you are an intended parent or prospective surrogate, you will need the assistance of a local surrogacy attorney and other surrogacy professionals throughout your upcoming journey. Surrogacy can be complicated, and the steps of a Kansas City surrogacy are no different. However, know that you have plenty of local resources available to guide you through this process.

If you live in Kansas City, you have surrogacy experts along both sides of the state line. If you’re looking for a particular Kansas City surrogacy professional, you will likely find them within the downtown and metropolitan area. In fact, by coming to this page, you’ve already found one — experienced surrogacy attorney Kevin Kenney.

To get started with your surrogacy in Kansas City, MO, or Kansas City, KS, please schedule a consultation with Kevin and his legal associates today.

Why Work with Kansas City Surrogacy Attorney Kevin Kenney?

Attorney Kevin Kenney has helped build families for years through the adoption process and through surrogacy. Today, he welcomes those who wish to become an intended parent or become a surrogate mother in Kansas City to meet their personal goals.

Kevin can help surrogacy clients on both sides of the state line. He is equally versed in Kansas and Missouri surrogacy laws, and he is always available to discuss how those laws may impact your personal surrogacy journey. When you schedule a free consultation with him, he will identify which laws apply to your situation and create a legal plan for safely moving forward with your Kansas City surrogacy.

As your surrogacy lawyer in KC, Kevin will help you:

  • Identify the applicable laws in your surrogacy situation
  • Draft a surrogacy contract that meets each party’s expectations
  • Establish parentage for the intended parents, based on their state laws
  • And provide legal guidance through every step of your journey

You must work with a Kansas City surrogacy attorney to complete your surrogacy process. Surrogacy can be legally complicated, and only an experienced professional like attorney Kevin Kenney can protect you from all the legal risks of this journey.

But, when you work with attorney Kevin Kenney, you won’t just receive legal guidance. He can also provide references to trusted local surrogacy professionals for other steps in your process. Kevin has completed both independent and agency-assisted surrogacies so, whichever path you are interested in, he can point you in the right direction.

Find a list of some of these Kansas City surrogacy professionals below.

Kansas City Surrogacy Agencies

Whether you are an intended parent or surrogate mother in Kansas City, you will always have the right to work with a surrogacy agency, if you desire. A surrogacy agency is a professional that can handle every aspect of your journey. Many people who are new to the Kansas City surrogacy process find that working with an agency is an invaluable choice.

Surrogacy agencies can assist you through the process by:

  • Helping you determine whether surrogacy is right for you
  • Medically and psychologically screening for your surrogacy eligibility
  • Managing your surrogacy case, step-by-step
  • Counseling you through difficult aspects of your journey
  • Finding the perfect surrogacy match and mediating contact with them
  • Coordinating with other surrogacy professionals
  • And more

Whether or not you eventually choose to work with a Kansas City surrogacy agency, it can be a good idea to speak with one about their services. That way, you can learn what responsibilities you will have should you choose an independent surrogacy.

Some local professionals include:

You could also choose to work with national surrogacy agencies for your Kansas City surrogacy.

Fertility and Surrogacy Clinics in Kansas City

While a surrogacy agency is optional in Kansas City surrogacy, you will always need to work with a surrogacy clinic for your medical process.

Often, intended parents already have an existing relationship with a fertility clinic, whether or not it’s located in the Kansas City area. However, if you are still looking for a Kansas City surrogacy clinic, there are a few to consider:

Surrogacy clinics play the important role of determining medical eligibility for the surrogacy process. If you are an intended parent, you will need to speak with a medical professional to see if surrogacy is a family-building option for you. If you wish to be a surrogate mother in Kansas City, this clinic will complete your required medical screening. When both parties are ready (and a surrogacy contract is finalized), the clinic will proceed with the medical process of surrogacy.

Kansas City Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

Finally, if you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother in Kansas City, know that you will have the right to receive your prenatal care from a local professional. Although you will need to travel to the intended parents’ fertility clinic for the embryo transfer process, once your pregnancy is confirmed, you can use a local obstetrician that you trust for the remainder of your pregnancy.

If you don’t yet have an obstetrician and delivery professional in mind, there are many resources to choose from in the Kansas City metropolitan area, including:

If you are unsure of where to begin with your Kansas City surrogacy, make attorney Kevin Kenney your first call. He is always available to discuss your surrogacy goals and preferences, create a legal plan moving forward and direct you to any additional local professionals you need. Start your surrogacy in Kansas City off on the right note by calling Kevin Kenney at 913-671-8008 today.