Of the many decisions you will make during the adoption process, few are more important than choosing the perfect adoptive parents to raise your child. The family you choose will not only shape the rest of your adoption experience, but also the life and opportunities that your child will receive.

Kevin Kenney provides the services you need to find families looking to adopt, so you can ensure your child is placed with the adoptive parents that are meant for him or her.

Finding Adoptive Parents in Kansas City

Right now, there are hundreds of parents looking to adopt a newborn in Kansas, Missouri, and all around the country. These hopeful parents come from all different backgrounds and have many reasons for choosing adoption. Some are young couples adopting after a struggle with infertility, while others are single parents or same-sex couples who are ready to add to their families.

When you contact Kevin Kenney to begin the adoption process, he will help connect you with these families, either by presenting you with some adoption profile samples or by referring you to one of the local or national adoption agencies that he partners with.

His unique partnerships with agencies like American Adoptions give you access to a wide variety of pre-screened families who are waiting and ready to adopt. These agencies provide expert services to help you search for the perfect parents for your child, including:

  • Adoption planning: You will work with an adoption specialist at the agency to create an adoption plan. This is your opportunity to make many important decisions about the life and future you envision for your baby and yourself after the adoption. This information will help the agency identify families who can meet your needs.
  • Adoptive family profiles: After your adoption specialist gets to know you and your adoption goals, he or she will give you some adoptive family profiles to review. These profiles include a variety of text, photographs, and sometimes even video to introduce you to adoptive families, their homes and lifestyles.
  • Screening services: Before a family’s profile is presented to you, they have already passed multiple screening processes, including the agency’s screening process as well as an in-depth home study. The home study is a legal requirement for all adoptive parents and includes personal interviews, home inspections, criminal and child abuse background checks, and more. This means that every family you consider for your baby is safe and ready to adopt.
  • Contact mediation: When you find a family you think might be a good fit for you and your baby, you will have an opportunity to get to know them better before moving forward with your adoption plan. The agency can schedule a mediated conference call for you, so you can get to know each other with the support of your adoption specialist on the line. This gives you an opportunity to begin developing a special relationship with your baby’s adoptive family, which you can continue to build with the support of Kevin and your adoption specialist.

In addition to these services, Kevin’s partnership with these agencies gives you access to other important adoption services and resources, including professional counseling and support provided by a licensed social worker.

While there are many services designed to help you find adoptive parents for your baby, this decision is ultimately yours. You have the power to choose the perfect adoptive family based on a number of factors, including:

  • Their home, community and location
  • The size of their family and other children in their home
  • Their physical traits and cultural background
  • Their values, traditions and religion
  • Their lifestyle, interests and personalities
  • The type of relationship they want to have with you after the adoption
  • And more

Whether you have a specific type of adoptive family in mind or need help determining the types of families you are looking for, Kevin and your adoption specialist can work with you to help you determine your priorities and find a way to meet your needs.

What if I already know parents that want to adopt my baby?

It is common for expectant mothers to contact Kevin or another adoption professional after finding prospective adoptive parents on their own. This is called an identified adoption. Kevin can provide all of the services you need to complete your identified adoption, from education and support to financial assistance, legal services and access to additional resources provided by an adoption agency.

Choosing a family to raise your baby is often a difficult and emotional decision. Having a compassionate and experienced partner to lean on for support and guidance during the process can help. Whether you have already found a family or need help choosing the perfect parents for your child, Kevin Kenney can provide the services you need to give your baby the future he or she deserves. Contact him today for a free consultation and more information about the types of people that want to adopt in Kansas, Missouri and beyond.