Keeping your adoption a secret is difficult, but if you feel that it’s necessary in your situation, it may be possible for you. Whether you are looking to keep your adoption secret from judgmental family and friends, or you are looking to complete an anonymous adoption with your baby’s adoptive family, there are options available for you.

As an adoption attorney, Kevin Kenney understands the importance of a woman’s privacy in this life-changing process. When you work with him, he will always protect your identifying and private information as required by law, as well as take any additional steps you may desire in keeping your adoption a secret. Kevin is here to serve as your adoption attorney, and his services during your secret adoption in Kansas City will help to keep you and your baby safe during your adoption process.

For more information about keeping an adoption a secret in Kansas City, you can always contact his law firm at 913-671-8008. Your inquiries can always be confidential, and Kevin’s legal advice will always come free to you as a prospective birth mother.

What is a Secret or Confidential Adoption?

You may be confused as to what exactly a secret adoption is and what an anonymous adoption is like in Kansas City. You may not even be aware that this option is available to you.

Primarily, the women who choose a “secret adoption” do so because they know friends and family will disapprove of their situation — and may even put them and their babies at risk should they know the truth. While it’s always best to have a solid support system when placing a baby for adoption, attorney Kevin Kenney recognizes that’s not always a possibility for everyone.

In a confidential adoption, you are usually able to keep your adoption plan (and even sometimes your pregnancy) a secret from the unsupportive people in your life. You will receive support from adoption professionals to keep you safe during this process — whether that includes transportation assistance to medical appointments or even temporary relocation until you give birth. When you contact attorney Kevin Kenney, he can help connect you to local adoption agencies that provide these services.

If you are considering a secret adoption in Kansas City because your adoption plan puts you in danger from friends or family members, please contact a local domestic violence shelter or hotline right away. Your and your baby’s safety should always be your first priority.

If you choose to keep your adoption a secret from family and friends, you can still have an open adoption, where you can maintain whatever level of communication you prefer with the adoptive family after the adoption is complete. However, sometimes women wish to keep their personal information private from the families who adopt their children. This is known as a “closed” or confidential adoption. If you want this kind of adoption in Kansas City, it is a possibility.

How Kevin Kenney Will Protect Your Information in a Closed Adoption

As a prospective birth mother, you will always be in charge of your adoption process. This will include creating your personal adoption plan, choosing the family you wish to adopt your child and meeting and getting to know them to confirm your decision.

If you wish to have a secret adoption with your child’s adoptive parents, that is an option, as well. You will still have the ability to create an adoption plan and choose the parents, if you wish, but you do not have to share any contact information for future communication or even meet them during your adoption journey, if you want. All of your contact can be mediated by adoption professionals, like attorney Kevin Kenney and an adoption agency.

Expectant mothers who choose this path can know their personal information will always be kept private. While adoptive parents will receive important medical information about you and your family when a child is placed with them, all identifying information will be redacted. You can have a separate room during your delivery and leave the hospital without ever having met the adoptive parents. Closed adoption is an emotionally complicated path to choose, but it is always your right to have.

Attorney Kevin Kenney will advocate for your privacy and protect your information throughout your anonymous adoption process. In addition to redacting identifying information during the adoption process, he will also ensure your adoption records are sealed after the legal process is complete. He will never discuss your adoption case with anyone without your consent. Private attorney-client privilege is always of the utmost importance to him; any information you share will always stay between you and him.

To learn more about the legal process of a secret adoption, and whether this option will work for you, you can always contact attorney Kevin Kenney. When you’re ready, he can connect you with an anonymous adoption agency in Kansas City to help you begin your personal adoption journey.