If you are considering adopting a child in Kansas City, you probably have some questions about the adoption process. What steps lie ahead of you? How will you know what to do?

If you wish to know how to adopt in Kansas City, attorney Kevin W. Kenney can help. He can explain the different steps to adoption, whether you are interested in adopting an infant, a child from foster care, or a child in a different country. Each adoption process is slightly different, but all require the assistance of an experienced local legal professional to help you reach your adoption goals.

To learn how to start the adoption process, you can always contact the law firm to schedule a free consultation. Kevin will discuss your particular adoption goals and preferences to determine what your process of adoption in Kansas City may look like.

In the meantime, there are five general steps to adoption in Kansas City, regardless of which path you choose:

Step 1: Decide Adoption is Right for You.

Before you even think about how to start the adoption process, you will need to learn as much as you can about adoption and determine which path is best for you. Every hopeful adoptive parent has different needs and preferences, and these will determine what kind of adoption process you pursue.

If you are interested in a domestic adoption process, there are two available: foster care adoption and private domestic infant adoption. These processes are very different; one will involve adopting a (typically) older child, while the other involves only the adoption of infants. If you choose a private domestic infant adoption process in Kansas City, Kevin Kenney can guide you through the legal steps ahead.

If you are interested in an international adoption process, you will likely adopt an older orphan who may or may not have specific special needs. You will need to work with an international adoption agency to understand how adoption works in the country you’re considering. When you’re ready to complete your legal international adoption process in Kansas City, attorney Kevin Kenney can help.

Step 2: Complete Your Home Study and Other Requirements.

Once you have chosen your particular adoption process, you will need to meet certain requirements before you can begin. Whether you are completing a domestic adoption process or international adoption process, you will need to complete an adoption home study. This investigation will ensure that you can safely provide a home to an adopted child.

All adoptive parents must also meet other requirements to adopt in Kansas City. These requirements will be determined by their state adoption laws and any specific professionals they choose to work with along the way.

Contact Kevin today to learn more about the requirements for your specific child adoption process in Kansas City.

Step 3: Find an Adoption Opportunity.

Often, people asking, “How do I adopt a baby?” or “How do I adopt a child?” also ask: “Where can I find an adoption opportunity?”

How this step of the adoption process proceeds will be determined by the path you have chosen. If you are completing a private infant adoption process, you will find a prospective birth mother through an agency or your own advertising. If you are completing a foster care adoption process, a child imminently ready for adoption will be placed into your household, based on your specific preferences for an adoption opportunity. If you are completing an international adoption process, an agency will match you with a child based on your desires, and you will travel to their country for the adoption.

This step in the process of adoption will take more or less time based on which avenue you have chosen.

Step 4: Secure Your Adoption Opportunity.

Once you have found a child to adopt, you will move forward with the final steps to adoption in Kansas City. Before any legal processes can take place, you will need to bring your new addition home.

In the private adoption process, a prospective birth mother can only give her adoption consent after she gives birth. Prior to this, adoptive parents should cultivate a relationship with her during her pregnancy (if she wants to) and prepare for the emotional journey to take place at the hospital. Once the baby is born, adoptive parents will take custody of their child.

In the foster care adoption process, hopeful parents will get to know the child they wish to adopt. When both parties are comfortable, the child will be placed into the adoptive parents’ home before the adoption is made official a given amount of time later.

In the international adoption process, adoptive parents who have identified an adoption opportunity will travel to their child’s country. There, they will complete that country’s adoption process. Then, they will return to the United States, where they may need to complete additional steps (more on that below).

Step 5: Finalize the Adoption.

A domestic adoption process in Kansas City is not complete until it is finalized in court. This usually takes place about six months after the adoptive parents take custody and will require the assistance of an adoption attorney like Kevin Kenney.

During finalization, adoptive parents will appear in court to answer questions about their adoption and have their paperwork reviewed. If a judge deems the adoption to be in the best interest of the child, a final decree of adoption is issued, and the adoption process in Kansas City is complete.

In an international adoption process, the adoption may be final after it is completed in the foreign country. However, you will want to speak with an attorney like Kevin Kenney to determine if an international re-adoption is required in your situation. This simple legal process can provide more protection for a child’s citizenship status and make everyday tasks easier to complete.

Your personal adoption process in Kansas City may continue after finalization, if you are maintaining a post-adoption relationship with your child’s birth family. There are many adoption agencies that can help you mediate this communication.

Remember, these are just the basic steps for the process of adoption in Kansas City and beyond. Your process of adopting a child may have other unique considerations and requirements, based on your circumstances. Therefore, the best way to learn how adoption works is through contacting a professional like attorney Kevin Kenney. Learn how to start the adoption process today by contacting the law firm.