It’s one of the biggest questions that adoptive parents like you have: How long does it take to adopt a child? After all, you may have already spent months or years trying to grow your family through fertility treatments, and you’re eager to quickly make those dreams come true through adoption.

However, there is no singular answer to this question. How long it takes to adopt a baby in Kansas City depends upon many factors. All adoptive families should be aware of the realities of adoption wait times before deciding on this path; waiting for an adoption opportunity can often take a great deal of patience, understanding and emotional hardiness.

How long the adoption process will be for you will depend in part upon your personal adoption preferences and goals. To learn more, we encourage you to speak with attorney Kevin Kenney. He can explain the different steps of the Kansas City adoption process to you, including how long you may expect each step to take. For more information, please call 913-671-8008.

How Long Does Adoption in Kansas City Take?

The biggest factor in how long the adoption process takes in Kansas City is which kind of adoption you choose to pursue. Each process has unique requirements and steps that affect the overall adoption wait time for families. Again, it’s critical you understand these before beginning this process.

Each family’s adoption journey is unique, so it’s impossible to estimate exactly how long the adoption will be for your family. However, there are some general adoption wait time guidelines for each process:

  • Private Domestic Infant Adoption: About 65 percent of families are matched within one year, while 83 percent are matched within two years.
  • International Adoption: Most families are matched with a waiting child within two years.
  • Foster Care Adoption: About 60 percent of families receive a placement within one year, although you can limit that wait by requesting a child who is imminently free for adoption.

Attorney Kevin Kenney can also explain the typical adoption wait times in Kansas City for those who work with his law firm and the adoption agencies he recommends.

The Factors Behind Adoption Wait Times

In thinking about how long it takes to adopt a child, you may also be wondering, “How can I reduce the amount of time my adoption takes?”

Certain aspects of adoption wait times are set in stone. For example, finalization after an adoption placement usually occurs six months later, and adoptive families cannot “speed up” this process. Similarly, early steps like background checks and home study investigations can take a great deal of time, as you will deal with government agencies and other processes. Therefore, beginning your prerequisites as early as possible is critical to completing this step as quickly as possible.

When it comes to waiting for an adoption opportunity, there are a few factors adoptive parents can control that impact how long the adoption process takes:

  1. Type of Adoption Process

As mentioned above, each adoption process has an average adoption wait time. If you are looking to adopt quickly, you may choose a foster care adoption of a waiting child, who can be placed in your home soon after you are approved. Private domestic infant adoption and international adoption can take more time as you wait to be matched with the perfect adoption opportunity. In private domestic infant adoption, your wait time will ultimately be determined by when you are chosen by a prospective birth mother — a factor largely outside of your control.

  1. Openness to Different Adoption Situations

How long the Kansas City adoption process is mostly depends upon the preferences of the adoptive family. As an adoptive parent, you will have the right to choose what characteristics you are comfortable with in a child. Your adoption professional will discuss those with you before presenting you with adoption opportunities. Families who are open to many kinds of adoption situations will be presented with more opportunities, which means their wait times are typically shorter than families with strict adoption preferences. If you wish to adopt now or as quickly as possible, you may consider opening up your preferences for race, gender, medical history and more.

  1. Budget

Specifically in infant adoption, a higher budget from the adoptive family means more opportunities are presented. In private domestic infant adoption, adoptive parents often pay for a prospective birth mother’s living expenses. The more you are willing to put towards a mother’s care during her pregnancy, the more adoption opportunities that will open up to you.

  1. Desired Type of Post-Placement Relationship

Another factor in adoption wait times for an infant is the post-placement relationship preferences of both adoptive parents and birth parents. Many birth parents today are requesting open adoption when placing their child with another family, so they can watch him or her grow up. If you are open to that kind of post-placement communication, you will be presented with more adoption opportunities. However, if you are interested only in semi-open or closed adoption, you will miss out on the adoption opportunities requiring more open communication.

  1. Attractive and Effective Family Advertising

In private domestic infant adoption, a prospective birth mother has the final say in who she wishes to adopt her baby. Therefore, hopeful parents must present an informative and welcoming presence in their family profile. That way, a prospective birth mother is more likely to choose them. Working with an adoption agency can help you create the best adoptive family profile possible, including digital advertising such as videos and personalized websites.

Because there are so many factors that go into how long it takes to adopt a child in Kansas City, it’s important that you fully understand and prepare for them before starting. Your adoption wait can be an emotional time, but working with an adoption professional like Kevin Kenney can make it a bit easier.

To learn more about the adoption process in Kansas City, please contact the law firm today.