Finding a birth mother to adopt from can often seem like the biggest hurdle for prospective adoptive parents. If they are unfamiliar with the adoption process, they may not understand how finding a birth mother for private adoption works, especially if they are completing the process on their own.

To best learn about how to find a birth mother to adopt from in Kansas or Missouri, prospective adoptive parents should contact an experienced adoption professional like attorney Kevin Kenney. Adoption professionals can thoroughly explain the process of finding a birth mother to adopt from, as well as how you as a prospective adoptive parent can best find the match for your situation.

If you have yet to find a prospective birth mother for your adoption process, keep reading for information about the two paths you can take to find an adoption opportunity.

Finding a Birth Mother Without an Agency

When prospective adoptive parents choose to adopt a child without the assistance of an adoption agency, they complete an independent, private adoption. With this kind of adoption process, adoptive parents must consider how to find a birth mother to adopt from on their own.

Like with any adoption process, prospective adoptive parents completing an independent adoption will need to build an adoption plan. This will detail the professionals they choose to use (a home study provider and attorney are always necessary) and how they will find a prospective birth mother.

There are several ways that hopeful parents can find a prospective birth mother:

  • Through family and personal connections
  • Through the internet and social networks
  • Using adoptive family websites
  • Printing advertisements for local papers
  • Receiving referrals from their adoption attorney

Some adoption attorneys directly match prospective birth mothers with adoptive families that have approached their firm for adoption assistance. Attorney Kevin Kenney partners with adoption agencies like American Adoptions to assist his adoptive family clients in finding a birth mother to adopt from (more on that process below). However, if you have already found a prospective birth mother, you can still work with Kevin to complete the legal process of your adoption. Call his offices at 913-671-8008 to learn more about these legal steps.

When hopeful parents choose to find a prospective birth mother on their own, they should be aware that independent adoptions tend to have more open adoption contact than agency-assisted adoptions. By finding a birth mother to adopt from without an agency, adoptive parents typically must share personal information with that woman to build trust and ensure a solid match. There is also a risk in finding a prospective birth mother online or in a similar manner, as adoptive parents typically cannot screen her as an agency does beforehand. Without the advertising reach of an adoption agency, the matching process may also take longer to find the perfect adoption opportunity.

Finding a Birth Mother With an Adoption Agency

For professional assistance in finding a birth mother to adopt from in Kansas or Missouri, many prospective adoptive parents choose to work with an adoption agency. These professionals provide step-by-step guidance to help adoptive families find the perfect adoption opportunity for their situation and maintain a match until the adoption is complete.

When adoptive parents work with an adoption agency, they are usually assigned a personal caseworker from the beginning of their journey. This caseworker will discuss with them their adoption preferences, helping them build a list of characteristics they are looking for in a prospective birth mother and adopted child, like:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Medical background
  • Open adoption contact preferences
  • Budget for living expenses
  • Substance abuse history

Adoption agencies use this information to only present desired adoption opportunities to prospective adoptive parents.

Part of the reason why adoption agencies are so successful at more quickly finding a birth mother to adopt from is the advertising and outreach they have. Many adoption agencies have networks with attorneys and other adoption professionals to locate pregnant women considering adoption. Adoption agencies also make a prospective adoptive family more attractive by helping them build adoption profiles for prospective birth mothers to view and, therefore, more effectively create matches.

Finding a prospective birth mother through an adoption agency also provides the benefit of pre-screened adoption opportunities. This means that even before being matched, a prospective birth mother is screened to make sure she is truly ready for the adoption process. Agency birth mother screening often eliminates many of the unknowns associated with finding a prospective birth mother independently. In addition, the counseling provided by trained social workers at adoption agencies help pregnant women considering adoption stay committed to their match and their adoption plan, reducing the risk of an adoption disruption.

You will also likely have the chance for pre-placement contact with a prospective birth parent before solidifying a match. This conversation will be mediated by an adoption specialist and provide the opportunity for both adoptive parents and the prospective birth mother to ask any additional questions before committing to a match. This contact will continue throughout the adoption process.

All of these factors should be considered when a prospective adoptive family is wondering how to find a birth mother to adopt from in Kansas City.

Prospective adoptive parents who are interested in finding an adoption opportunity with an agency can always contact adoption attorney Kevin Kenney. Kevin partners with local adoption agencies who can provide matching service for hopeful parents, and he can always refer you a trusted professional for this important step in your adoption process.