If you’re a gay couple looking to complete a same-sex adoption in Kansas City, know that this is a legal possibility for you — and attorney Kevin Kenney will provide all the legal services and protections you need to reach your parenthood dreams.

There are several ways to complete a gay adoption, and Kevin Kenney will help you find the one that’s right for your individual situation. All LGBT adoptions are unique and your personal adoption circumstances may vary but, no matter which adoption process you take, you will receive the same quality and quantity of legal LGBT adoption services from this law firm.

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Can Gay Couples Adopt in Kansas City?

For years, gay couples adopting in Kansas City and beyond were subjected to discrimination when they attempted to pursue their family-building dreams. However, perceptions of families have changed over time and, with the U.S. Supreme Court marriage equality ruling in 2015, LGBT couples now have the same right to adopt as any heterosexual couple.

Kevin Kenney is honored to help same-sex couples adopting in Kansas and Missouri complete their family. Keep reading to learn more about the legal processes you may take for your same-sex adoption.

Married, Joint Same-Sex Adoption

When you are a same-sex couple adopting an infant or an older child from foster care, you have the legal right to petition for a joint adoption as a married couple. There are no gay adoption laws in Kansas or Missouri that prevent LGBT couples from adopting a child together and, in many ways, the adoption process is no different from the process involved when a heterosexual couple adopts.

If you choose to complete an LGBT adoption without an agency, Kevin Kenney can provide all of the necessary legal services for your adoption process. He can also explain any specific considerations that apply to your unique situation and your adoption.

If you choose to work with an agency to complete a joint gay adoption, take care that you choose a professional that is LGBT-friendly and prepared to protect your rights during the adoption process. Kevin Kenney can always refer you to trusted LGBT-friendly adoption agencies like American Adoptions, if you desire.

Stepparent Adoption

Sometimes, gay couples adopting are unable to adopt together. This can occur for many reasons: they adopt from a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage, they were unmarried at the time of their adoption, or one spouse adopted a child before the couple got together. If you are currently married and looking to adopt your spouse’s child, you can still complete a stepparent adoption as an LGBT individual.

Stepparent adoption is also common in cases where an LGBT couple has a child via assisted reproductive technology. In these situations, only one parent is directly related to the child, which means the non-biologically related parent may not have automatic parental rights. Therefore, a stepparent adoption is needed to establish both parents’ rights.

Whatever your reasons for needing one, Kevin Kenney can provide all the services you need for this kind of LGBT adoption. An adoption agency is not needed and, depending on your state laws, you may not need to complete a home study investigation before your adoption can be finalized. When you work with an experienced adoption attorney from the beginning of the process, this kind of gay adoption in Kansas City is a streamlined way of establishing parental rights.

Unmarried Second-Parent Adoption

If you’re not married but want to adopt a child (either together or your spouse’s child), you’ll need to speak with attorney Kevin Kenney early on in your process about which options are available to you.

In the past, unmarried LGBT couples could complete second-parent adoptions, which allowed both spouses to establish parental rights, despite a lack of legal, marital relationship. However, because same-sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States today, some courts require prospective adoptive parents to be married if they wish to both have rights to the child they adopt.

If you live in Kansas or Missouri and are interested in a second-parent, LGBT adoption, please contact Kevin to learn more about what legal options are available to you as an unmarried LGBT couple.

Working with Kevin Kenney to Complete Your LGBT Adoption

Because the situations involved in same-sex adoptions are unique and the legal issues can be complex, it’s necessary that all same-sex couples adopting in Kansas or Missouri work with an experienced adoption attorney to protect their parental rights to their child, however they add them to their family. An LGBT adoption in Kansas City is certainly a possibility for same-sex couples looking to add to their family and, with the right professionals, prospective same-sex parents can welcome a new child with as much assistance and respect as opposite-sex parents.

To learn more about how attorney Kevin Kenney can help you complete a gay adoption in Kansas City, whichever path you take, you can contact his office today.