As the “typical” American family continues to change, it’s not unusual for single mothers and fathers to raise children on their own. Therefore, when it comes to adoption today, it is certainly possible for a single man or woman to adopt a child on his or her own, as well.

While single-parent adoption may not have been so common decades ago, Kansas and Missouri laws today have no restrictions on single-parent adoption. If you want to become an adoptive parent as a single man or woman, you have that right — and attorney Kevin Kenney will help you through every legal process involved.

Like all adoptive parents, those adopting as a single woman or man should speak to an adoption professional early on to learn about what options are available to them. Kevin Kenney can help you determine which adoption process might be best for your circumstances if you’re considering adopting as a single parent. You can speak to him about your individual situation by calling 913-671-8008.

In the meantime, keep reading for important information about single-parent adoption in Kansas City.

Legal Considerations of a Single-Parent Adoption in Kansas City

As mentioned before, there are no laws against a single mother or single father adoption in Kansas or Missouri. As long as a prospective adoptive parent is an adult, they can pursue the adoption process in Kansas City.

While there may be no marriage requirements for a single-parent adoption, hopeful parents should always speak with an experienced adoption attorney to learn more about what kind of adoption requirements their state has, like:

  • Age
  • Criminal history
  • Residency

An adoption attorney like Kevin can inform you of what requirements may apply to your particular situation. He will also walk you through any additional legal steps needed in your single-parent adoption.

What to Prepare for in a Single-Parent Adoption Process

While a single-parent adoption in Kansas City is always a legal possibility, it’s important that single prospective parents understand the slight differences that may come with their adoption process.

Like all adoptive parents, single adoptive parents will need to determine which kind of adoption process they wish to pursue — which will determine how the rest of their adoption journey proceeds. For example, a single person looking to adopt will likely have a shorter wait with a foster care adoption than a private domestic adoption, which involves a prospective birth mother selecting you as the adoptive family for her child. While there are pregnant woman willing to place their children with a single parent, the number is typically much lower than those looking to place their child in a two-parent household.

All adoptive parents must complete a home study investigation to ensure they’re ready for the challenges of raising an adopted child. When you’re adopting as a single woman or man, you will be asked questions about whether you are ready for the challenges of being a single parent. You should be adequately prepared for these additional inquiries to make sure your home study investigation is approved.

To learn more about how your adoption process may be different as a single man or woman, it’s best to speak with an adoption agency or similar professional who can educate you and support you through the process. Be aware that some private domestic adoption agencies will not work with single parents, so make sure to choose the appropriate agency and adoption process for you before moving forward.

Other Things to Consider about a Single-Parent Adoption

Being a single parent requires great coordination, support and bravery. Before you choose to pursue a single-parent adoption in Kansas City, it’s important that you evaluate whether this path is right for you and whether you can handle all of the challenges ahead of you. There are many single parents successfully raising children in the United States today, but it is not the right path for everyone.

If you’re considering a single-parent adoption, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your time management skills like? As a single parent, you will need to work, tend to your child’s needs, devote time to bonding and relationships and still take care of yourself on top of all of it.
  • What kind of support systems do you have? They say it takes a village to raise a child and, often, the support of friends and family is priceless for single parents. Consider who you might lean on during your parenting journey.
  • Do you have an income plan in place? Parenting is expensive, and parenting on your own can be more so, especially when you factor in childcare costs when you go to work. Will you be able to afford raising a child in case of any unexpected financial changes?
  • What are your plans for dating and future relationships? A child is a big responsibility and often makes traditional dating more difficult. You might think about how important a potential relationship is to you and whether you can put it off for a few years as you’re adjusting to your new family life.
  • Are you prepared for the stigmas of single parenting? While the negative association with single parenting has dissipated over time, you will still need to prepare for negative comments and normalize your family structure to your child from an early age.

Completing a Single-Parent Adoption in Kansas City

If you’re ready to become a parent through the adoption process, you can contact Kevin Kenney today to learn more about which options are available to you and which legal requirements you may have to meet. While a single-parent adoption will come with challenges during and after the process is complete, it is still a beautiful way to complete a family, and Kevin is happy to help make this a possibility.