Today, transracial adoptions are more common than ever. As the United States becomes more multicultural and modern views of families change, more and more families are choosing to adopt a child of a different race or culture.

If you’re interested in an interracial adoption in Kansas or Missouri, know that it is a possibility for you. Just as he will with any other adoption process, attorney Kevin Kenney will make sure the legal steps of your transracial adoption are completed efficiently and thoroughly.

While deciding on a transracial adoption is an exciting step in your adoption process, you should consider the unique circumstances of adopting a baby of a different race or culture. Every adoption can have challenges, but when you commit to an interracial or biracial adoption in Kansas City, there will be additional challenges and requirements to meet.

How to Know if a Transracial Adoption is Right for You

As you’re exploring your adoption options early in the process, you may be curious whether an interracial adoption is a good fit for your family. Because of the unique challenges associated with this kind of adoption, you should be 100 percent comfortable with the idea of raising a child of a different race or culture if you choose to pursue this adoption path.

Each family has different reasons for choosing a transracial adoption, but generally, some signs a transracial adoption might be right for you are:

  • You’re willing to add an adopted child to your family regardless of similarities in appearance or race
  • You are excited at the prospect of building a multicultural family
  • You want to complete an international adoption

The Requirements for a Transracial Adoption in Kansas City

Before pursuing a transracial adoption, you should learn as much as you can about the process. While the legal requirements are usually no different to adopt a baby of another race, you will need to work with an adoption agency like American Adoptions and attorney Kevin Kenney to make sure you follow the proper social and legal process for a successful interracial adoption.

Some legal examples to consider: If you choose to adopt a child of Native American heritage, your adoption may be subject to ICWA rules. Or, if you choose to adopt a child from another country, your adoption requirements will be based on the laws of that nation, as well as U.S. immigration laws.

Other than these, there are no additional legal requirements for a transracial adoption in Kansas or Missouri. Your home study provider will need to approve you to adopt children of a certain race, but your adoption professional will help you prepare for your home study and raising a child of a different race.

How to Prepare for a Transracial Adoption in Kansas City

Pursuing an interracial adoption is not a choice you make without a great deal of preparation. In addition to learning about how to raise an adopted child, you’ll also need to consider how raising a child of a different race will impact your parenting. Proper education about your child’s culture and heritage will be important for your family and for your child’s identity as a transracial adoptee.

Kevin Kenney can always connect you with appropriate adoption specialists to learn more about transracial adoption, but here are some preparatory steps you’ll need to take:

  • Research your child’s culture and heritage. Once you find an adoption opportunity, start learning more about your baby’s cultural background. If possible, talk with the prospective birth mother to find out what traditions and information are most important to her and what she wants emphasized to her child as they grow up. You may consider joining transracial adoption support groups or reading transracial adoption blogs to learn more about what to expect while raising your child.
  • Understand your child’s unique needs. People of different races and ethnicities have different hair and skin needs. For example, if you adopt a black baby, you’ll need to learn how to properly care for black hair.
  • Find ways to surround your child with images of diversity and role models. If you are a white parent adopting a non-white child, you will need to take extra steps to find role models in your community that your child can look up to. Make sure you can surround them with peers of the same race or other races to promote tolerance and diversity, and make an effort to seek out dolls, movies and books that show children who look like them.
  • Prepare for difficult conversations about race. While your child’s race won’t matter to you, it will matter to others in society. As you’re going through the adoption process and after you bring your baby home, you may receive insensitive questions like, “Where did they come from?” and “Why didn’t you adopt a baby that looks like you?” Consider how you will answer these. You will also need to prepare your children for how to respond to racism; it should be a continuing conversation throughout their childhood.

Complete Your Transracial Adoption with Kevin Kenney

Although there are usually no additional legal requirements when it comes to transracial adoptions, it’s important that you work with an experienced adoption attorney to complete your adoption in a legal and ethical way. This is where adoption attorney Kevin Kenney can help.

If you have questions about transracial adoption or finding an interracial adoption opportunity, Kevin can refer you to his agency partners at American Adoptions. If you want to learn more about the legal services that attorney Kevin Kenney can provide, please contact his offices online or call 913-671-8008 today.