As a stepparent, you share a special bond with your stepchild. You cheer at every sporting event, attend every school performance, help with homework and share family conversations around the dinner table. You are your child’s parent in every sense of the word — and a stepparent adoption is a relatively simple way to ensure that important relationship is legally recognized.

In this article, learn more about stepparent adoption in Kansas City and the legal services Kevin Kenney provides to ensure your relationship with your stepchild is legally secure.

What is Stepparent Adoption?

In a stepparent adoption, an individual legally adopts the child of his or her spouse. Like any other form of adoption, stepparent adoption gives the adopting parent full legal rights and responsibilities to his or her child.

While you likely already share a deep, meaningful parent-child bond with your stepchild, the stepparent adoption process simply formalizes that relationship and provides you and your child with certain important legal rights. There are several reasons to consider a stepparent adoption. Here are just a few of the benefits of adopting a stepchild in Kansas City:

  • Stepparent adoption reduces the risk of custody challenges. Without a legally recognized parent-child relationship, stepparents often have very few, if any, rights to their stepchildren. If something were to happen to a stepparent’s spouse, he or she could face custody challenges from their stepchild’s other biological parent or other biological relatives of the child.
  • Stepparent adoption entitles children to certain financial benefits. A stepparent adoption allows a stepchild to inherit from his or her stepparent. In addition, legally adopted stepchildren can receive insurance benefits from their stepparents.
  • Stepparent adoption provides family stability and permanence. Prior to a stepparent adoption, many children and their stepparents share a long history and deep bond. Completing the adoption process provides a sense of security and finality to the family, including the child.
  • Stepparent adoption affords stepparents many other parental rights. Through a stepparent adoption, the stepparent becomes a legal father or mother with all of the parental rights afforded to any other biological or adoptive parents. This can make many important tasks, like obtaining medical records, much simpler for adoptive stepparents.

Another advantage of stepparent adoption is that it is a simple, streamlined and cost-effective process. With Kevin Kenney, the Kansas City stepparent adoption process usually requires very few legal steps, making it an easy way to provide permanence and stability to your blended family. Below, learn more about the legal services Kevin Kenney offers to complete your stepparent adoption in Kansas City.

How to Adopt a Stepchild in Kansas City

Kevin has years of experience completing stepparent adoptions in both Kansas and Missouri and can assist you through every step of the adoption process, including:

  • Preparation of the initial adoption petition and filing the case with the court
  • Consent and/or termination of parental rights for the noncustodial parent
  • Court hearing to finalize the adoption
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Obtaining a new birth certificate for the child, if necessary
  • And any other legal steps necessary to complete your stepparent adoption

While stepparent adoption can be a very streamlined process, it is still vital to work with an experienced adoption attorney to ensure all state laws are followed and the adoption is completed safely and securely. You will need a legal partner in the process to ensure all paperwork is completed and filed correctly, the noncustodial birth parent’s rights are legally terminated, and you and your child fully and legally establish your parent-child relationship.

With Kevin Kenney by your side, stepparent adoption is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to provide permanence and stability to your blended family. Contact Kevin today for a free consultation to discuss your family’s specific legal needs and learn more about stepparent adoption in Kansas City.