There are few experiences more rewarding than making a meaningful and longstanding relationship legally official and permanent. Adult adoption is one way for families to formalize such a relationship.

There are many reasons why parents may consider adopting an adult. Whether you are seeking to establish a legal relationship with a former foster child, stepchild, or other adult, Kevin Kenney can assist you in completing your Kansas City adult adoption. Here, learn more about adult adoption in Kansas City and the legal services Kevin can provide throughout the process.

Why Adopt an Adult?

Adult adoption typically follows a longstanding relationship between a now-adult child and a stepparent, former foster parent, or other adult who has assumed a similar, informal parental role. Through adult adoption, a legal parent-child relationship is established to formally recognize this relationship.

An adult adoption may be completed for a number of reasons. Here are a few examples of scenarios in which an adult may be adopted:

  • A foster parent may adopt a former foster child who was previously in their care and has since aged out of the foster system. The adoption would allow the former foster child to achieve permanency and establish other rights afforded by the legal parent-child relationship.
  • A stepparent may adopt his or her stepchild once he or she is an adult without needing consent from the stepchild’s noncustodial biological parent.
  • A same-sex partner who was not previously able to be a legal parent of his or her spouse’s child may now wish to adopt the child as an adult.
  • An adult who was adopted as a child may locate and wish to be adopted by his or her birth parents.

Through adult adoption, the adult adoptees in the above scenarios can establish full inheritance rights, social security benefits, and other important legal rights afforded by a legal parent-child relationship, such as privileges to visit one another in the hospital and receive important medical records. However, the most important benefit of adult adoption may be the emotional impact it can have — in many cases, the adoption provides a sense of finality and permanence for everyone in the family after years of establishing a deep and personal bond.

Adult Adoption in Kansas City

Because it does not involve a home study or the termination of birth parents’ rights, the adult adoption process is generally less complicated and time-consuming than many other forms of adoption. However, there are many important legal steps that need to be taken as well as state laws that need to be followed to successfully complete the adoption process.

It is important to work with an experienced attorney skilled in this particular type of adoption. Kevin Kenney has completed many adult adoptions and can guide you through all of the steps necessary to finalize your adoption in Kansas or Missouri, from filing the adoption petition to getting the necessary consents, completing the required paperwork and finalizing the adoption in court.

For more information about Kevin’s legal services or to begin the adult adoption process, contact him today for a no-obligation consultation.