In most adoptions, new parents meet their child for the first time after he or she is born — whether they adopt an infant or an older child through the state foster care system. However, one form of adoption allows adoptive parents to be involved throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery of their child: embryo adoption.

While embryo adoption is different in many ways from other forms of adoption, it is still a legal process that transfers custody from a child’s biological parents to his or her adoptive parents. Because embryo adoption is a relatively new practice, it is especially important to have an experienced adoption attorney to guide you through the process.

In this article, learn more about what embryo adoption is and how Kevin Kenney can help you complete your Kansas City embryo adoption.

What is Embryo Adoption?

In embryo adoption, a couple who has undergone IVF treatments to build their family donates any leftover embryos they are not planning to use. These embryos are then adopted and carried by the adoptive mother, allowing her to experience pregnancy and deliver her own genetically unrelated child.

For hopeful adoptive parents, this can be a wonderful way to experience pregnancy and delivery and to begin bonding with the baby even before he or she is born. Many families who choose embryo adoption enjoy a greater sense of control and peace of mind throughout the adoption process, as they can ensure their child is receiving proper prenatal care.

There are two main components of the legal embryo adoption process. First, when a couple donates their embryos to be adopted by another couple or individual, there needs to be a legal contract transferring custody of the embryos to the adoptive family. Then, following the birth of the child, additional legal action is needed to establish the adoptive parents as the child’s legal parents.

Because of all of the legal steps involved in the embryo adoption process, it is important to work with an experienced embryo adoption attorney to ensure your adoption is completed safely and legally.

Completing an Embryo Adoption in Kansas City

Embryo adoption is a legally and medically complex process that often takes a year or longer to complete. Having a trusted embryo adoption attorney to partner with throughout this process can help provide peace of mind and ensure your embryo adoption is completed as efficiently as possible.

Kevin Kenney provides all of the legal services necessary to complete an embryo adoption in Kansas or Missouri, including:

  • Embryo Donation Agreement – When a couple decides to donate their embryos, they will complete an embryo donation agreement prepared by the embryo adoption attorney. This agreement sets expectations for everyone involved in the embryo adoption.
  • Adoption Petition – Following the birth of the child, his or her parents will need to complete a full adoption because they have no biological connection to their child. The embryo adoption attorney will prepare and file an adoption petition with the court.
  • Consent to Adoption – The couple and/or donors whose genetic material was used to create the embryo are biologically related to the child, so they will need to legally consent to have their parental rights terminated, just like in any other adoption.
  • Finalization Hearing – Following any post-placement study requirements after the child’s birth, the adoptive family will need to attend a court hearing to finalize the adoption. The attorney will arrange the hearing and be present as the family celebrates the finalization of their adoption.
  • New Birth Certificate – The embryo adoption attorney will obtain a new birth certificate for the child that names his or her adoptive parents as the sole legal mother and father.

Because embryo adoption is still an emerging form of adoption, laws are still relatively unsettled and can vary by county and even by judge. It’s important to have knowledgeable and experienced legal representation to assist you through the embryo adoption process. Contact Kevin Kenney to learn more about embryo adoption in Kansas City and the services he offers as an embryo adoption attorney.