Considering adoption in Kansas City? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are looking to complete an adoption in Kansas City, MO, or Kansas City, KS, you will have access to a number of professionals to help you through your process. Many of these professionals work both ways across the state line and can answer your questions about adoption, get you started and guide you through the whole process.

Attorney Kevin Kenney is one of them.

Kevin has helped many clients to complete Kansas City adoptions, whether they were located in Kansas or Missouri. Whether you are a prospective birth parent or hopeful adoptive parent, Kevin can explain the Kansas or Missouri adoption laws applicable to your situation and ensure you have the best legal representation moving forward. Everyone completing a Kansas City adoption must work with an experienced adoption attorney, and Kevin Kenney stands ready to protect your rights and interests during this life-changing process.

For your convenience, Kevin’s offices are located within the Kansas City metropolitan area, at:

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If you are interested in learning more about adoption in Kansas City, or you are ready to start your adoption process today, please call our law offices at 913-671-8008 or contact us online.

While Kevin can provide all of the legal services you need to complete your adoption, you may also need additional professionals to meet your personal adoption goals. Don’t worry — Kevin is committed to helping you obtain any additional resources you might need. When you work with him, he is happy to provide references to local, trusted Kansas City adoption professionals for any extra services you might require.

You can find a list of some of them below to get you started:

Adoption Agencies in Kansas City

Every person completing an adoption in Kansas City will need to work with a Kansas City adoption attorney to legalize their family-building process. If you choose to work solely with an adoption attorney and handle the other steps on your own, you will complete an independent adoption. You can also work with Kevin Kenney when you complete an agency-assisted adoption in Kansas City.

In a private domestic infant adoption, working with Kansas City adoption agencies can provide you additional services and peace of mind. These professionals are essentially “one-stop shops” for adoption, as they can help birth parents and adoptive parents with every step of the process — from finding an adoption match to providing adoption counseling to mediating post-adoption contact. Many of Kevin’s clients choose to work with adoption agencies in Kansas City, MO, or Kansas City, KS, to alleviate the direct responsibilities of this process.

If you are considering an agency-assisted private domestic infant adoption, here are some Kansas City adoption agencies to think about:

If you are considering an international adoption in Kansas City, an agency can help you find an adoption opportunity in another country. Here are some professionals to consider:

When you return back to the U.S. with your adopted child, you can always work with attorney Kevin Kenney for any international re-adoption procedures required for your process.

Foster Care Professionals in Kansas City

If you wish to complete a foster care adoption in Kansas City, you will need to work with an appropriate professional for pre-placement screening and finding an adoption opportunity. An attorney will also be needed to finalize your adoption about six months after placement.

Foster care adoption agencies in Kansas City, KS, include:

Foster care adoption agencies in Kansas City, MO, include:

Home Study Professionals in Kansas City

Every process of adoption in Kansas City — whether Missouri or Kansas — requires a completed home study investigation by the adoptive parents. This investigation ensures that hopeful parents are prepared for bringing a child into their home and can provide a welcoming, healthy environment for an adopted child to grow up in. Adoptive parents must work with a licensed agency in the state where they live when completing this step.

Licensed home study professionals in Kansas include:

Licensed home study professionals in Missouri include:

These are just a few of the professionals you may need to complete your adoption in Kansas City, MO, or Kansas City, KS. When you work with attorney Kevin Kenney, he can provide references to any other professionals you may need along the way — while he provides every legal service necessary in your adoption process.

To learn more about his services, please schedule a free consultation today.