How Long Does it Take to Adopt

How Long Does It Take To Adopt a Child in Kansas City?

The length of time that your adoption process will take varies based on a wide range of unpredictable factors, but Kevin Kenney will work to help limit your adoption wait time and ensure the adoption process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Here are answers to some common questions about how long it takes to adopt a child in Kansas City:

“What determines how long you have to wait to adopt?”

There are many factors that can influence the time it takes to complete an adoption, including:

  1. The type of adoption professional you work with to find an adoption opportunity (for example, a national adoption agency will generally work with more potential birth mothers than a local agency; therefore, you’re more likely to be matched into an adoption opportunity in less time).
  1. How specific you are about the type of adoption opportunity you’ll accept (race, budget limit, etc.)
  1. The legal requirements of your individual adoption situation (something that Kevin can help you understand and prepare for).

“What can I do to minimize how long I’ll wait to adopt?”

Ultimately, how long it takes to adopt will depend on the expectant mother who chooses you to parent her child. However, there are some steps you can take to help limit your adoption wait time:

  • If you have not yet found an adoption opportunity, Kevin can refer you to one of the full-service adoption agencies he partners with. Working with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions may help you find a prospective birth mother in less time.
  • If you already have an adoption opportunity with a potential birth mother, contact Kevin to make sure that you’re properly completing all the legal steps involved in adoption.
  • Start the process sooner rather than later; you’ll have time to sort out some of the details along the way.
  • Be flexible and open to prospective birth mothers of all types and backgrounds.

For example, if you’re more restrictive in the type of adoption opportunity you’ll accept with a potential birth mother (being open only to a Caucasian child born to a birth mother with no health conditions in her family history) you’ll likely wait much longer for an adoption opportunity that precisely matches that description. The more flexible and open you are, the sooner you’ll be presented with adoption opportunities because you’ll match with a wider range of prospective birth mothers.

Kevin and the agencies he partners with are working hard to decrease the amount of time that couples have to wait to become a family, and thanks to the growing understanding of the benefits of adoption, it’s becoming easier than ever to adopt in the Kansas City area.

Do you have questions about the legal process of adoption, and how you can begin the legal steps ASAP? Contact Kevin now for more information.