If you’re wondering how to apply for legal guardianship of a minor in Missouri or Kansas, attorney Kevin Kenney is here to help. While this process can be straightforward, it can also be complicated in certain situations. An experienced attorney’s assistance will be invaluable as you move forward.

When you’re asking, “How do I get legal guardianship of a child in Kansas or Missouri?” the only way to get the personalized answer you need is by working with a family law attorney. While the information presented below can help you grasp the basics of this process, it is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice. Instead, please schedule a consultation with attorney Kevin Kenney at your earliest convenience.

How to File for Guardianship in Missouri or Kansas

Legal guardianship procedures in the KC metro area will require court intervention. While family members and friends can informally trade custody of children when the time requires it, they must use legal professionals and petition a court to obtain official guardianship (and all of the legal benefits it brings).

If you are a caretaker wondering how to get legal guardianship of a minor in your care, you can choose to complete this process on your own. However, because the steps to obtain legal guardianship can be complex, we recommend you speak with our legal team as early as possible to learn about these proceedings and what will be necessary in your case. Here’s what you might expect:

Step 1: Contact Attorney Kevin Kenney.

Whether or not you want to proceed through the whole legal guardianship process with an attorney, it’s a good idea to contact our legal team at the beginning. This way, we can explain how to get guardianship of a child in Missouri or Kansas. Once you know exactly what this process will involve, you can decide for yourself whether you wish to proceed with our legal expertise.

We encourage all guardianship petitioners to work with attorney Kevin Kenney from start to finish. Even in a simple guardianship proceeding, it can be easy to get lost or forget steps along the way. When you work with Kevin, you can rest assured you are complying with all state laws and completing the steps required for your personal circumstances.

Our legal team can guide you through:

  • How to file for guardianship in Missouri or Kansas
  • How to complete the necessary legal paperwork for that filing
  • How to extend or terminate the guardianship, if necessary
  • And more

Our legal team is always happy to answer your questions about how to do legal guardianship in your situation. Give us a call at 913-671-8008 to schedule your consultation. During your consultation, attorney Kevin Kenney will ask questions about your guardianship case and draw up a plan for moving forward.

Step 2: File Your Petition for Guardianship.

After a plan has been made for your legal guardianship procedures, attorney Kevin Kenney will identify any paperwork needed for your guardianship petition. These documents will typically include:

  • A petition stating your interest in obtaining guardianship in Missouri or Kansas
  • A filing fee
  • A letter of consent from the child’s parents

Exactly what forms you need will vary based on your situation. For example, if you are petitioning for guardianship of a person and their estate, there will typically be more required paperwork. You might also need to submit documents acknowledging your acceptance of guardianship duties, responsibilities and more.

Don’t worry — when you work with attorney Kevin Kenney through your process to obtain legal guardianship, he will ensure that all the necessary documents are included in your filing.

Step 3: Complete Interviews and Home Inspections (If Necessary).

Sometimes, the guardianship process in Kansas or Missouri will require extra steps, including criminal background screenings, in-person interviews, and home visits. These are all in place to confirm the safety of the child you are petitioning for. Be prepared to answer questions about where the child will live and go to school, what kind of visitation the parents will be allowed, and more.

Our legal team will keep you informed of any additional steps required in your guardianship case.

Step 4: Go to Your Court Hearing.

Once all of the necessary paperwork has been filed, your local court will confirm your petition includes all the proper documents. Once it has been reviewed, a judge may arrange for a court hearing. You will need to be present at this hearing, as will the child of which you wish to be the guardian. This is an opportunity for the judge to ask any remaining questions and allow any opposition to the guardianship to be stated. (If the child’s parents do not agree to your petition, you will need an attorney’s representation to proceed with getting legal guardianship in Kansas or Missouri.)

At this point, the judge will decide whether or not to approve your petition.

Step 5: File Letters of Guardianship with the Clerk’s Office.

If your guardianship petition is approved, you will receive an order to establish guardianship. Attorney Kevin Kenney will ensure that the proper documents are completed and sent to the appropriate agencies. He will also be there to assist you through any additional legal guardianship procedures, such as eventual extension or termination of the order.

Want to learn more about how to gain legal guardianship of a child? Contact attorney Kevin Kenney to schedule your consultation.