There are many reasons someone might establish a guardianship. It may be required as part of adoption proceedings, a parent may want their child temporarily placed in a more stable home, or a loved one may step in to remove a child from a potentially dangerous situation.

These circumstances are all unique, but there’s one thing they have in common — a need for a legal guardianship attorney.

Legal guardianship is not a process to take lightly, and it’s not one to attempt on your own. It’s a complicated legal process that is responsible for the future well-being of the child in your life. Governed by complex legal guardianship laws, these legal proceedings are more securely handled with an experienced lawyer for legal guardianship by your side.

Attorney Kevin Kenney knows all about the details of Missouri and Kansas child guardianship laws, and his expertise is all yours. If you’re interested in learning more about legal guardianship laws in Missouri and Kansas, you can find some basic information below — but remember that it is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice. For the best information for your situation, give our law offices a call anytime at 913-671-8008.

What to Know About Kansas Guardianship Statutes

If you are considering taking guardianship of a child in Kansas, you will need to familiarize yourself with the appropriate Kansas guardianship statutes. Fortunately, an experienced guardianship attorney in Kansas like Kevin Kenney can explain them to you.

Some important things to know about Kansas guardianship laws:

  • A guardian advocates for and protects the personal, civil and human rights of a ward. The person in charge of that ward’s legal decisions and financial affairs is known as a
  • The Kansas statute on guardianship does not require a guardian to use personal money or other assets for support of the ward, and the guardian is not responsible for the ward’s debts. A ward’s legal parents will be responsible for payment of the child’s needs.
  • Every year, a guardian must file a report informing the court of the child’s conditions and actions taken on behalf of him or her.
  • Before becoming a guardian in Kansas, an individual must complete a basic instruction program for guardianship training.

What to Know About Missouri Child Guardianship Laws

Similarly, there are some important things to know about Missouri guardianship laws if you wish to become the guardian of a child in your life. Fortunately, as a guardianship lawyer in Kansas City, MO, Kevin Kenney is also familiar with these Missouri legal guardianship laws.

Here are just a few legal requirements of this process:

  • All extended relatives and unrelated individuals petitioning for guardianship must undergo background checks and screenings.
  • Along with annual reports and accounting, a guardian must provide a detailed plan of care for the upcoming year.
  • The ward’s closest relatives must be listed in a guardianship petition so they can be notified of your intentions.

Why Choose Kevin Kenney as Your Lawyer for Legal Guardianship

When you research Missouri and Kansas guardianship statutes, you’ll probably end up asking yourself one big question: Do I need to work with a lawyer for legal guardianship?

There is a path to legal guardianship without the assistance of a legal guardianship attorney, but it’s something that our legal team highly advises against.

Even if you think that legal guardianship laws are easy to understand and that you can handle all of the legal steps on your own, there is always the possibility that something unexpected can occur. Your petition for guardianship concerns a child you care a great deal about; do you really want to leave the success of your petition up to chance?

Attorney Kevin Kenney is here to help. He and his legal team are ready to guide you through every step of the guardianship process. As a guardianship attorney in Kansas City, MO, he is experienced in the guardianship proceedings on both sides of the state line. Whether you are looking for a guardianship attorney in Kansas or a guardianship lawyer in Missouri, Kevin can serve your needs.

Kevin and his team are prepared to guide you through every step of this legal process with experience, compassion and respect. When you choose Kevin as your legal guardianship attorney, he will:

  • Discuss your personal situation in a detailed consultation
  • Come up with a plan for your guardianship proceedings
  • Identify necessary documentation for your guardianship petition
  • Inform you of any additional requirements (such as in-home visits and in-person interviews)
  • Complete necessary paperwork prior to your petition and court hearing
  • Ensure you follow all applicable state legal guardianship laws
  • Extend or terminate the guardianship order in the future (if necessary)
  • And provide legal support and advice through every step of the process

If you are looking for a guardianship lawyer in Missouri or Kansas, look no further than attorney Kevin Kenney. He and his legal team are always at your service.

For more information about filing for guardianship or the services our team offers during the process, please schedule a consult today.