It’s no secret: A power of attorney is extremely important. It’s the legal procedure that ensures your wishes are followed after your incapacitation, and it’s the only way to ensure that your interests are protected, no matter what.

But, creating a power of attorney can also be complicated and confusing, especially for those who have never walked this path before. What does a power of attorney involve? Do you really need a lawyer for a power of attorney? How do you get started?

We know you have lots of questions — and that’s why our team is here to help. The importance of will and power of attorney lawyers in Kansas City cannot be overstated. With attorney Kevin Kenney’s help, you can rest assured that your power of attorney and other estate planning documents are legal and valid and will protect your interests in the years to come.

Kevin and his legal team always welcome inquiries from those interested in estate planning services in Kansas City, and they are happy to discuss their services in drafting your power of attorney documents. For more information, give them a call at 913-671-8008 or schedule a consult online.

You probably still have questions about whether you need a lawyer for a power of attorney in Kansas City. That’s fair, and that’s why we’ve answered some of them below. However, please keep in mind that this information is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice. Only a consult with our legal team can get you the personalized guidance you’re looking for.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Power of Attorney?

As you research creating a power of attorney, you’ll find plenty of websites claiming to offer free power of attorney “templates” you can use. It may seem like the perfect solution — an easy-to-follow document that will save you the money and time of working with lawyers that handle power of attorney. After all, do you even need an attorney for power of attorney documents?

The answer is undeniably yes. If you are at all concerned about the validity and legality of your power of attorney (and you should be), you must work with a lawyer for your will and power of attorney.

Relying on a power of attorney template you find online can cause you and your loved ones a great deal of trouble down the road. Every state has different wills and estates laws and requirements, and no “one-size-fits-all” sample you find online can thoroughly address the nuances of those laws and procedures. The last thing you want is for your loved ones to be unable to enact your wishes and act in your stead due to an invalid power of attorney.

The best way to make a valid, detailed power of attorney is by finding a local attorney to assist you. And attorney Kevin Kenney is always here to serve as your Kansas City power of attorney lawyer.

How a Power of Attorney Lawyer in Kansas City Can Help You

You may be wondering exactly what a power of attorney lawyer can do that you can’t find for free with an internet template. Maybe you’re trying to save a little money on your legal costs, or maybe you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of using an attorney for estate planning. You’re not alone.

The fact is, you do need a lawyer for a power of attorney — and for good reason. Without experienced legal advice, your power of attorney “template” may not hold up in court. That means, when the time comes, your wishes and preferences may not be followed.

So, why are lawyers who do power of attorney so important?

  • They know your state laws. Every state has different wills and estates laws. If you don’t follow them exactly, your power of attorney can be invalid and non-binding. It’s impossible for a generic template on the internet to conform to every state’s legal requirements, but wills and power of attorney lawyers can draft your power of attorney documents with your state laws in mind.
  • They know what type of power of attorney is right for you. Did you know that there is more than one type of power of attorney? Between durable and non-durable, general and medical, it can get confusing to figure out what’s necessary for your situation. Working with a lawyer for will and power of attorney will take the guessing out of it. They will evaluate your situation and determine your legal needs before moving forward.
  • They can offer additional services you might need. Oftentimes, individuals who are creating powers of attorney as part of a larger estate planning process don’t know all the intricate parts of this journey. But, when you work with will and power of attorney lawyers, your legal guide will make sure every detail of your estate plan is handled appropriately — and will suggest and guide you through any additional necessary steps.

Choose Kevin Kenney as Your Kansas City Power of Attorney Lawyer

When you’re looking for Kansas City lawyers who do power of attorney, look no further than attorney Kevin Kenney and his legal team.

As an experienced lawyer for will and power of attorney in Kansas City, Kevin has assisted many clients in creating various types of powers of attorneys. He’s familiar with both Kansas and Missouri will and estate laws so, whatever side of the state line you’re on, he can help you, too.

Whether your estate planning needs are confined to powers of attorney or have a wider scope, Kevin and his legal team can guide you through the process ahead. For more information, call his office at 913-671-8008 or schedule an initial consultation online. Kevin will always be ready to help your power of attorney needs — whatever they may be.