Understanding Birth Mother Rights

Understanding Birth Mother Rights in Kansas City Adoptions

Every pregnant woman considering adoption has certain legal rights regarding their adoption. It’s important to know your adoption rights so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

As your adoption attorney, Kevin Kenney will educate you about your legal adoption rights before, during and after the adoption is finalized. Here are some of the facts that you should know:

  • You have the right to have the final say in every decision throughout the adoption process, including the selection of an adoptive family, your hospital and birth plan, the amount of contact you have with the adoptive family before and after the adoption and more.
  • You have the right to reconsider your adoption decision before the baby is born.
  • You have the right to reconsider your adoption decision before you sign the legal consent forms at the hospital after the baby is born.
  • You have the right to change the details of your adoption plan; you can ask to change the amount of post-adoption contact, change your mind about having the adoptive parents with you in the delivery room, decide to hold the baby after the birth, etc.

Your birth mother rights in open adoption mean that you have the right to determine how much contact you’d like to maintain with the adoptive family as your child grows up. An adoption professional can facilitate contact between you for 18 years after the adoption if you prefer to keep your identifying information private.

Your parental rights in Kansas or Missouri are intact up until you sign the consent forms in the hospital after the birth. Giving your consent to the adoption will terminate your parental rights and transfer them to the adoptive parents, placing the baby safely in the adoptive family’s home until the adoption is finalized.

In some cases, you may have the right to revoke your consent and petition to regain your parental rights after you give up a child for adoption. In Missouri, your consent can be withdrawn until it has been reviewed and accepted by a judge. In Kansas, your consent is typically final upon execution unless the court determines that consent was not freely and voluntarily given. After the revocation period has passed, your parental rights are permanently terminated, but you can still remain an important part of your child’s life through open adoption and exchange contact with the adoptive family.

All potential birth mothers have adoption rights that will be respected throughout the process. You can contact Kevin to learn more about your legal adoption rights and start the adoption process today.