Papers Needed to Place a Baby for Adoption

What Papers Are Needed to Place a Child for Adoption?

If you’re beginning to learn about how to sign up for adoption, you’ll need to prepare for what papers are needed to give a child up for adoption in Kansas or Missouri.

Kevin Kenney can answer any questions you might have about the legal requirements and documents involved with placing a child for adoption. The necessary adoption paperwork may vary depending on your situation, but in general, here are the completely confidential forms that you’ll need to complete to proceed with the adoption process:

  1. Social History Forms
    Here, you’ll be asked to provide your contact information, information about your relationship with the birth father (to establish if he’s involved and informed of the pregnancy), information about your racial and ethnic background, information about your decision to pursue adoption for your pregnancy, insurance information and any information about any prenatal care you may have received so far. The details you provide through your social history forms will be kept confidential and are used only to assist your adoption professionals as they work with you to complete your adoption process.
  1. Medical History Forms
    These forms will ask you to detail your medical history and the birth father’s medical history (if known). This is extremely important for the health of your child.Understanding risks for inherited health conditions, allergies, and any exposure to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or prescription medications throughout your pregnancy could all be life-saving information for the child later in life. For this reason, you’re asked to give information about your medical history, the birth father’s medical history and your family medical history in detail and completely honestly.

    Remember that you’ll never be turned away from adoption because of anything on your social or medical history forms. This information is confidential and is exclusively used to help benefit your adoption process and your child’s health.

  1. Adoption Questionnaire
    Your adoption plan or adoption questionnaire allows you to envision the future your baby could have. You’ll be asked to talk about the kind of adoptive family you want for your child.You’ll be able to consider things like where they live, the kind of house they live in, how many children or pets they have, what they’re interested in, how much contact they want to share with you after the adoption and more.

    This will help Kevin and the adoption agencies he partners with to show you adoptive family profiles that match what you’re looking for, and you’ll have full control in choosing the adoptive family.

  1. Adoption Consent Forms
    The final major piece of the “giving a child up for adoption” legal papers is the consent form. You and the birth father (if applicable in your situation) will be required to wait a state-mandated length of time before you can sign your consent to the adoption.In Kansas, you’ll have to wait at least 12 hours after the birth of your baby. In Missouri, you’ll have to wait at least 48 hours after the baby is born. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can sign the consent forms that will terminate your parental rights. The baby will then be placed with their new adoptive family, and you’ll be discharged from the hospital. As your adoption attorney, Kevin will make sure you fully understand these consent forms and your rights, and he will be there to guide you through the document-signing process as needed.

Submit the Online Forms for Giving Baby Up for Adoption

The adoption application for pregnant women includes your social and medical history forms and will also gather your basic information. To request these forms and other free information about adoption, you can contact Kevin Kenney now.