Safe Haven Adoptions

What You Need to Know About Safe Haven Baby Adoptions in Kansas City

Sometimes, after a mother gives birth to her baby, she becomes so overwhelmed with the responsibility that she will do anything to not be a mother anymore. Sadly, this can result in tragedies stemming from child abandonment and endangerment.

To help prevent this, Kansas and Missouri have created “safe haven” laws, which provide for the safe relinquishment of a child to the proper authorities — without any legal repercussions for the mother.

If a mother wishes to pursue a safe haven baby adoption in Kansas City, she must locate a safe haven establishment — usually someplace like a fire station or hospital, designated with a “safe haven” sign out front. While movies may have her believe she can leave the baby right on the doorstep, it’s rare to find any “baby drop off boxes” in Kansas City; a mother must leave her child in the hands of an employee who can safely care for them.

If you’re considering a safe haven adoption for your baby, you should know that you may be asked about your child and his health history, and, as is the case in Kansas, your anonymity may not guaranteed.

For a more effective way to guarantee your baby’s safe placement into a new adoptive family, consider working with an adoption professional like Kevin Kenney. No matter if your baby was just born or is months old, it’s never too late to choose adoption as a safe way to relinquish your parental responsibilities.

There are several reasons why an adoption with Kevin Kenney can be a better choice for you and your child:

  • While safe haven laws only apply to infants under the age of 45 days, you can choose to place your child for adoption any time during your pregnancy or months after they’re born.
  • Thanks to Kevin’s partnerships with multiple local and national adoption agencies, you can be reassured that your baby will be placed with an adoptive family as soon as possible, rather than waiting at a safe haven location or foster home for an adoption agency to take custody of them.
  • Adoption with Kevin Kenney provides you numerous advantages for both your own safety and the safety of your child at absolutely no cost to you. You may even get help with certain pregnancy living expenses, depending on when you start the adoption process.
  • You can keep in contact with that family to watch your child grow up happy and healthy through an open or semi-open adoption. Or, if you prefer the anonymity of a safe haven adoption, you can choose a closed adoption to ensure your information is kept private.
  • Just like safe haven laws, choosing to place your child for adoption has no child abandonment legal repercussions for you.

While a safe haven baby adoption in Kansas City may seem like the best solution, it’s not always the right one. Choosing to place your baby through Kevin Kenney’s law firm is by far the safest and most effective way to relinquish your parental responsibilities and ensure your baby is placed with a loving and supportive adoptive family.

To get started with your adoption process today, call Kevin Kenney at 913-671-8008 or contact him online here.